If you make it only about the money…

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Poor old Man City – they finally find someone with really deep pockets to buy them a world-class team – but nobody wants to go and those that do, only do it for the money.

It's the same in any business
: whether it's with regard to employees or customers or suppliers, if you make the interaction only about the money, then you get greed and selfishness and, frankly, you don't get what Lord Browne [formerly of BP] called the 'volunteer' margin – that is high performance because the business really excites people, it touches what they believe or want to believe, it gives them more than money – a sense of purpose, even.

It is able to do this because of what I've called the Purpose Idea.

Maybe this is where the financial services world has gone wrong; maybe this is where we all go wrong.
As I sit here looking at my personal finances for the next year, of course I need to think about money, and how to make it but I know how miserable I'll be if I just do stuff for the money or do the stuff that pays the most

If it's only about the money ask yourself, once, twice and a third time: should you really be doing it?

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  1. topicalfool
    February 9, 2009

    Thanks to you and James and Johnnie for the most brilliantly undersold “Innovation and Neworks of Influence” event at NESTA this morning. I’m still hyped up with your social media playschool with hidden strategic, psychological and philosophical depths.
    I was the woman wearing the long black dress with pinstripes being quite overexcited and laughing a lot.
    For you guys and anyone else who attended, please connect with me to continue the conversations:
    http://twitter.com/topicalfool (set up today specifically to connect with everyone else there today)
    Catherine Crawley on Linkedin
    Hoorah to all!