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…to my chum Domenico and and his collaborators who've been first out of the gate in responding to the darkening economic climate with significant innovation: they're bringing new ideas to what has become a rather dull sector, the so-called "creative agency".

People Ideas Culture (initially based in NYC) looks to build interesting and different clouds of collaborators for each project across a huge range of projects. While other folk have set off in this direction before, reality seems to drag many back to what clients (and I suspect the 'countants) feel happy with. Only a handful escape the gravity of how things have been, most notable amongst them Anomaly whose obsession with changing the financial models is now paying off bigtime…

Of course, I could be biassed about D's business (he's a mate and they explicity embrace my thinking about our Herd nature) but what strikes me is that rethinking the big stuff is the way forward.

It's what we tell our clients – innovate your way out of difficulty. Innovate or die.

But be honest how often do people like us do this?

Naughty thought: I wonder if this is the kind of thing WPP's mass brainstorm came up with?

Yay! Go Domenico…

Free gift: Another tricky dilemna

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  1. Jeremy
    January 9, 2009

    Couldn’t agree with you more. My innovative approach is “Community Driven Marketing.”
    In this climate, where attention and permission of your audience are not a given and are, in fact, the most valuable commodity, I think it’s incumbent that the “raving fans” of your company are going to be the most valuable marketing asset.
    Would love to see more posts about others trying new ways to help clients sell.