Inspirational conversations

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Couple of great meets today with a few prime humanoids:

First, with Carne Ross who wrote this great book about the inside of the diplomatic service, his own disillusion with it (which created this fuss when his contribution to the Butler Report directly contradicted the UK government position on the run-up to the Iraq war).

He now runs this brilliant independent diplomatic service for those nations and groups who can't afford the luxury of their own…(under certain clear conditions). Talk about a 'purpose idea'…, Hugh

Smart, interested and thus (as Russell observes) always interesting.

Then, this afternoon to Brian Collins (and his planning partner Lee) at his design agency (not really a great descriptor of what they do, I'm afraid).  Brian I got to know in my Ogilvy days where he confused the hell out of folk (in a really good way) by doing things rather than worrying about saying stuff. Another fella interested in everything – from Al Gore to Kitsch art to Thomas Kuhn – with the same result

Much excited talk about over tea (and excellent gingerbread men) of copying, spread, social objects and the relative importance of gesture over information…

Great to see smart folk going in the same direction and getting to the same place but by different routes.

Do I have to go home tomorrow? Can somebody write me a note please?