Everything’s an offer

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Really excited and wanted to share this.

Rob Poynton and OYF gave me my first proper intro in the world of improv and now he's written a book which explains the practices and how to apply them to everyday life

I have found these ideas really useful in all kinds of ways (if you've done a workshop with me recently, you'll know this) and can't wait to read the book of the game…

Will do a proper review shortly and (God willing) a podcast with Rob and my other improv teacher/chum, Johnnie (hat tip to him he's a few chapters ahead). Here's Johnnie's thoughts on what he's read already.

PS ETO website and blog are here


  1. J. Smith
    December 12, 2008

    Thank you for this. OYF looks like such a sweet place/collection of people. Very thoughtful, very on point. Great stuff.

  2. Robert Poynton
    December 17, 2008

    Thanks for the comment about On Your Feet. We try. And often we fail (which is I am so keen on the idea of practise…)