You are not alone in your success

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Seems I wasn't wrongin reading Gladwell's new book as a Herd-tract: we do what we do with, by and through others

Wonder if he knows?


  1. Helge Tennø
    November 27, 2008

    My question is this:
    Is his theory on individuals “transferable” to brands?
    What would that imply for marketing and managing them?
    We not only need to grasp that our brand is the product of society and culture, but we also need agile brands that are able to detect and instantly react on opportunities that arise?
    Because that is a true outlier as I read Gladwell, someone who got one or many unique opportunities, and took advantage of them.

  2. Mark
    November 27, 2008

    Hi Helge. Good to hear from you again
    Yes (if that’s what his theory is)
    Put another way: we need to learn to sail our brands on the seas of culture and society, harnessing social influence