Thinking by doing

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Pic c/o Keith. Hat tip Tony.

3 times this week thinking by doing and Lego have collided in my little world. By thinking by doing, I mean getting down to do things rather than a. thinking about them before doing them b. prioritising thinking and talking over doing stuff. IMHO too much energy and effort going into these things in marketing management and politics.

First, over lunch last Sunday with the brilliant and delightful Cecilia (her experience there has stimulated some pioneering thoughts on why doing things together with customers is better than thinking it all through by yourself )

Second, at David Gauntlett's inaugural professorial lecture, 500 peeps found themselves playing with a mini lego set. It's a technique he's adapted as an alternative to Q&A methods for social research

Third, at Beersphere on Thursday with the lovely Rachel and her new colleague Tony: how planning has got stuck in the intellectuall (vs. practical) trap that dogs all kinds of strategy work. Worse, it's obsessed with messaging (not surprising given it's origins in ad agencies of the late 60s) and how much more fun being involved indoing and making stuff together ..(thanks to tony for the link to Lego Mario Making)

So next time you find yourself reaching for the communications tools or the strategic plan, why don't you reach for the little coloured bricks (literally or metaphorically)? Do summat!

Free gift: that Eddie Izzard Lego Star Wars thing againwhy don't you pretend it's all about how useless talking is…

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  1. Wayne Allen Sallee
    November 17, 2008

    I('m old enough to remember TinkerToys. But the Legos of my youth were available in red, blue, yellow, green, and white, so anything I constructed looked like it could be found in the Bardy Bunch's backyard.