A week is a long time in…

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 Pic from coffee shop in Queens Park, Northwest London, earlier today Hat tip Ros


One of the things that a number of folk inside the US haven't really got is quite how unpopular their country and its citizens have become in recent years. In some ways fairly so, in other ways less so (as we follow what those around us do and say)

And how unhelpful this unpopularity is to everybody concerned

In the last couple of days, 2 or 3 American friends have acknowledged to me how it's now no longer embarrassing to be American (and proud) outside the States; we too have changed our minds about you (as the picture shows)

Of course, each nation and grouping has to be prepared to defend its own interests (especially when these interests are threatened) but ultimately this is a connected world – economically, politically and emotionally. We're going to have to solve the very real problems we all face, together.

There's a sense here in London that our friends over there are led by someone who gets this.

UPDATE: nice piece at desedo on what it feels like to be young, American and newly proud