Rethinking Wall Street

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Lots of stuff in the weekend press about what the big changes in the financial sector signify. Lots "end of the road" stuff, which I'm sure you've read. But here's two pieces you might not have had time for:

1. An interesting contribution in Newsweek this week to the debate around the stumble of US-led  Capitalism by Francis Fukyama, here

Particularly interesting because Fukyama was over a decade ago widely touted by the neo-cons (and the rest of us) to be hailing the final triumph of economic liberalism of the Reagan years over socialism in all its forms

2. Michael Tomasky the Guardian America editor is blunter: he argues that the US stumble is a slide, that it's well underway and that this will shape the November election result.

3. Madeleine Bunting praises Thomas Frank's 2001 (rather ranty IMHO) One Market Under God

Interesting what happens with a little economic turbulence…