Harry: whose brand is it anyway?

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Susan pointed this out to me today.

Her daughter's got into a realworld version of Quidditch. Brooms, yes; flying, er…nope (rules explained here; other examples here and here)

Just a reminder that once your brand is out in the world, being used by folk, it's not yours anymore. Whoever owns the IP, the trademark or the patent, it's them out there that own the brand

But this is a double bind: if it's not out there – being used, reused and mashed up – it's not worth anything

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  1. Martin Slechta
    October 23, 2008

    I just don’t know if that’s my poor english or being tired, they made a real-life game out of it? OMG, how can now anyone ever be talking about that brand is what image we give it… I really don’t believe that people went there and played this Harry Potter game…:)
    btw. isn’t it a contradiction what Seth Godin says about leading the tribe?(I haven’t seen his book yet but I think that’s the main idea) I guess this is something else…