Give us kids something to do together

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Pic c/o Paola Primary

Ben's brilliant Bad Science column in the Guardian, his blog and his fab book go only so far in getting the world to engage with his purpose of getting us to sift good from bad science:

    "First, of course, we shall take on duff reporting: ill-informed,
credulous journalists, taking
        their favourite loonies far too
seriously, or misrepresenting good science, for the sake of a
They are the first against the wall.

    Next we'll move on the
quacks: the creationists, the new-age healers, the fad diets. They're
        sad and they're lonely. I know that. But still they must learn.
Advertisers, with their wily ways,
    and their preposterous diagrams of
molecules in little white coats: I'll pull the trigger.

    And the same goes for the quantum spin on government science. I'm watching you all"

These are information-based. They're communication. Broad/narrowcast…

You can read, enjoy and still nothing changes

So quite rightly he also gives us stuff to do together: here's the schools pack for starters.

Way to go!