Are you hustling?

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This piece from the Times may turn out to be embarrassingly wrong in its prediction for next Tuesday


what it says about hustling is dead right, both in politics and in business


"His primary campaign was brilliant, not just because his message was
so powerful: it was
    because he worked out how to make the machinery of
politics work for him. He mastered the
art of the caucus; he used the
internet as a way to find voters and then got them to the 
primaries and  caucuses. He beat the Clintons largely because he out-hustled them on

Remember 2004? The reason Karl Rove and George Bush
won, despite losing in many polls, was
   because they found and organised
a new bloc of white, evangelical voters and brought them to
    the ballot
box. This time, it’s Obama who has found the new voters under the
radar: the young,
    the disengaged, various minorities and a large
phalanx of middle-class white Americans. Of all
        the unprecedented money
he has raised, he has poured an equally unprecedented amount into
ground game. Staff and volunteers are right now working phones
relentlessly, walking
                streets, knocking on doors, constructing
peer-to-peer networks and focusing almost mani-cally
    on turning out
their voters on election day and before. Obama has even managed to
insert ads
        for early voting into video games"

Too many campaigns in both politics and business fail to deliver because they seem not
to be driven by a desire for winning hearts and minds (or body and soul
as we'd be better putting it); it's all to easy to hide behind the big,
fancy stuff of "insights", "big ideas", "creative", the ad that will turn the tide etc etc. Even the idea of strategy – as some intellectual or guru like ability to 'think things through' is an excuse to take one step away from actually doing the stuff that makes a difference

The harsh truth is that it's hard to get down dirty (and not in this way) and just…hustle. To do the small things that – step-by-step, inch-by-inch – make something great.

I'm sure you want success for yourself and your clients, but are you prepared to hustle for it? And to get all your team, customers and associates to do likewise?

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Hastings-Black
    November 4, 2008

    the campaign could quote Jay-Z: “I. Will. Not. Lose. Ever, f**ker”
    Fingers crossed for today. Should we win, I might wave an American flag for the first time in my life. Curious to see if that symbol changes meaning overnight, methinks it may….