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Tomorrow sees the start of Jamie Oliver's latest attempt to change the nation's eating habits: the Ministry of Food.

Does he look to persuade us with a beautifully crafted proposition or a lovingly shot 60 sec TV? No.

It's like a template for good HERD marketing:

1. focus on what you can do not what you can say
2. …on what you can give folk out there to do…
3. …that they can do with each other
4. …oh, and make it highly visible and oh, yes fun

I.e. get the nation to teach itself to cook, friend by friend

Here's a vid(?) that's already appeared (not sure if it's been uploaded by C4 or Jamie)


1 Comment

  1. Vicente Valjalo
    September 30, 2008

    Impressive way of doing Marketing. ¿Do you think herd and web are almost the same logic? ¿Do you think the “violence” of marketing is reduced in this new “herdketing”. Best, Vicente