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pic c/o bewarethecheese

Just seen this really nice vidcast around Innovation that Brainjuicer have put together.

Not all of it new but most of it bang on the money, I'd say.

And I love the fact that it's clients and academics – nobody from a creative agency in sight!

What's really interesting here is that Brainjuicer are a market research company, not a design or innovation consultancy. So they're talking about something that's not exactly in their industry's ballpark

Some wise old heads might be tempted to suggest that they should back off – there's no obvious link back to the brand paying for this content (familiar)…

But I think it's a great example of engaging branded content around the customer's interests. Surprising and intelligent in both form (vidcast) as well as content.

When was the last time – individual bloggers aside – that an agency (creative, media or research) actually had something interesting to say about things that matter in business? As opposed to the tiny parochial concerns of their own part of the swamp?

[PS Just in case you missed it, here's the one that JK did on Innovation with me (that's "with me about innovation", not the the other way round) earlier this year.]

But I bet what you really want to know is will JK beat Rory to his first TV presenting job?