Guns don’t kill people…

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…rappers do.

Actually no, it is the combo of guns and humans. And not a lot to do with your taste in music

Another terrible news story from Finland this morning of a School Massacre

Less than a year since the last one.

So how do you think this stuff spreads?

a. the human factor – copying again – like suicide. And so much else.

b. guns – much harder without the weapons being readily available

UPDATE: c/o BBC a timeline of recent such events to help you follow the trail

Q: In a world where it's so easy to see what other folks are doing, what would you do to minimise the chance of this happening again?



  1. Jesse Raleigh
    September 23, 2008

    Newsflash. People have ALWAYS killed each other, regardless of the technology available to them at the time.
    Trying to cure the problem by attacking symptoms is futile. Handguns have been illegal in the UK for many many years. Now people get stabbed to death instead of shot.
    The core problem that needs to be addressed is WHY people feel compelled to kill each other, not how they go about it.
    As a resident of Michigan (Detroit is #1 most murderous city per capita in the USA) I can tell you that the issue in Detroit isn’t guns being available, but rather the deplorable unemployment and poverty within the city.
    Remove guns, and you’ve taken away the only way for honest people to defend themselves. The notion that police can stop crimes is highly flawed, they can only clean up the mess and write a report about it.
    Gun laws didn’t prevent Columbine, Virginia Tech, or any other massacre. Surprisingly criminals don’t really give a damn about the laws.
    – Jesse

  2. jarrett
    May 11, 2009