Dodgy mortgages and ploughshares?

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Sitting here on the roof of Ceaucescu's mega palace (suitably, the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon, I'm told), my thoughts wonder to what happens after the current economic crisis: what will become of those banking execs? Some of course will retire to the Cayman's or wherever, others may work again. Most however will do something else – sooner or later.

Apparently, there's been an upsurge in applications for teacher training. If you were sitting at Teacher Recruitment Campaign HQ, you'd probably be patting yourself on the back right now (even though the change in folk's behaviour is bugger all to do with the TR campaign team

The fact of the upsurge is interesting in itself and probably denotes something we all sense around ourselves – a shared mood/desire for safe choices etc

But what I find even more interesting is that it reminds me that almost everything we do is more than a binary choice – a yes/no, tick/cross. Even if it's just
A. Continue to exploit innocent peeps' financial naivity and robbing them blind
B. Do nothing
C. Give it all up, join the church and save souls etc

It's more than "do my thing or nothing".

When we think about how things spread, this is worth bearing in mind. We get too hung up on "our thing", "our product" etc and spreading "our stuff" through the population, we sometimes forget that our stuff travels together with other stuff (that other stuff is often more important than ours)


  1. Faris
    September 18, 2008

    have fun in Romania mate – have you met up with Bogdana? I’m sure she’d love to say hi.

  2. Clive Birnie
    September 26, 2008

    It would be interesting to see , assuming stats are available, whether there has been an increase in applications for positions across the public sector as the economic mood music has turned bluesy. We have had two examples (a high % of my workforce!) of people leaving for jobs at our local council. One turning down a promotion here in the process.