Searching for new faces of Islam

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There's a great little online C4 campaign (to promote engagement with the Islam Season now underway) that Adam pointed out to me a month or so ago: Osama Loves – Searching for faces of Islam

Idea is to get as many folk as possible to search for folk with the name Osama (A v common arabic name) not just the two you send on the road to make the programme itself

All straight out of the HERD marketing rule book, seems to me. Imagine the brief being how do you get the population to begin to rethink their relationship with Muslim neighboutrs

You know what I mean, but Ok then – if we have to – let's make some rules up right here and now to make the point:

HERD Rule 1. Do stuff, don't just talk
HERD Rule 2. Get your audience to do something (not necessarily directly connected with your agenda, but hey ho!)

"Help us find 500 lovely Osamas

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Find someone called Osama
  2. Take a video or a photo of them
  3. Make it look like the picture on the right (above)
  4. It must include a heart and what that Osama loves"

HERD Rule 3. …that engages them with the broader mission that lies behind the thing you're marketing
HERD Rule 4.  …together
HERD Rule 5. Make it like a service, not an ad
HERD Rule 6. BTW Make it all lots of fun & v easy

Neat – wish I'd paid more attention earlier.

Go on. Still time to join in!

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