Innocent Fete

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Pics c/o Sair

I've noticed recently that there's a bit of cheap cynicism around Innocent, the fruit smoothie company.

Maybe it's a touch of tall poppy syndrome

Maybe it's just jealousy – a bit of me envies the boys' success, too. I wish I was creating meaning like this for so many folk.

But this weekend's Village Fete – their annual gathering of Innocent customers, fans and staff – in London's Regent Park was another triumph. And – like the product testing technique (above) which echoes their original "shall we quit our jobs?" challenge – a chance to reconnect with the character and purpose of Innocent.

Lots of fun, families, food (much better than at the Hop Farm – grrrrr) and plenty of familiar faces.

And despite the fact that the rain spells seemed to be useless, it felt like a really sunny day.

Every aspect of the experience reinforced the Innocent feelings – even the loos (View a photo)

Makes you wonder why – apart from making the grocery retailers feel comfortable – they dabbled with advertising: it seems so false (and inappropriate)


  1. Tim Harris
    August 6, 2008

    “shall we quite our jobs?”
    do you really mean “quite” not “quit”?
    I hadn’t heard of Tall Poppy Syndrome before, interesting stuff.

  2. Mark
    August 6, 2008

    Thanks, Tim.
    “SpIlling” now corrected