Cause Sniffers

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Pic c/o JAMD

Nice little factoid in this Cory post about how much we want to believe the VTech murders are the result of (boo hiss!) violent gaming:

'There’s this broad consensus that the Virginia Tech murders had
something to do with violent video games. When you actually read the
coroner’s inquest report, video games are mentioned twice. The first is
his mother saying he never wanted to play those video games. The second
is his roommate saying, “We always thought he was weird because he
never wanted to play video games.” Yet it’s still a truism that violent
video games must be responsible for Virginia Tech'

Just like we'd prefer to believe the Big Man Theory of History (how history is shaped by important/heroic individuals) and the Big Event Theory of Psychopathology and Personality (how our personality and behavioural traits today are shaped by important things that happened to us in the past), we're also all to ready to rush off, sniffing out a ridiculously simplistic cause to make sense of stuff that happens to us (particularly if it's something or someone we've already decided we don't like or trust).

Another example of how we (in the Anglo Saxon World at least) feel uncomfortable with complexity and prefer the simple and more mechanical

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