Together in Miami (again)

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Pic c/o Janet

My annual trip to Miami is looming large. It’s always fun (as the pic shows – that’s me at the front…) 

Sgt Peppers and all that – 40 years on.

So this is just a nudge for you, dear reader, to have your say. Go here and give you one piece of advice and a youtube clip to illustrate it. 

Without you, we’ll just have to make it up or talk about the weather. 

UPDATE: a few folk are having difficulty getting on the wiki so if you are, please leave your suggestions as comments below. Anytime up to 1pm Monday…

1 Comment

  1. Josh McHugh
    July 17, 2008

    Fantastic concept, truly. But the sign-up process for the mffg wiki on Wetpaint is b0rken. It offers OpenID signup, but after you go through the OpenID verification, you’re taken right back to the sign-up page and still required to go through the whole cumbersome process that OpenID was invented to solve. Not your fault, probably Wetpaint’s, but that is a chafe.