Greetings from Miami

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So we’re back here again. 

Frankly, I love it. What’s not to like – sun, sea and rum-based drinks…? And I have fond memories of doing the stuff that became my first book here nearly a decade ago…

Our session today (see pic) seemed to go well enough (even though we did it twice back-to-back) . Some great interaction from folk in the audience with the subject matter and with each other like we intended and a real sense of them being prepared to risk a different kind of session. Thanks to everyone who participated – either online, in conversation, in the room or any combination of the above. 

Some folk will undoubtedly go away frustrated that the crowd whose views we were trying to make sense of did get things wrong (I think it’d be fair to say that our wiki hasn’t covered all the ground there is and some of the views at least are worth challenging…). But that’s the nature of the beast…and really the point that there can be no expert view that trumps all others, no one individual or small elite who exclusively “know” the right answers…

Right now I feel it was a debate worth having and an attempt to ‘unconference’ the conference worth pushing for. More experiments on format to come, I hope. Many more.

I just wished we’d done the things with the chairs…

Couple of observations about the conference this year:

i. the mainstage seems more interesting in general than last time. Less sales pitches…and more talk-starting pieces (Hackworthy’s piece on speed should be good)
ii. the mood of delegates seems to be even more progressive than I thought last year: more folk than ever admitting the old game is up and keen to rethink/rework/remodel (though still it seems a minority)
iii. the cosmopolitan nature of the delegates is really striking (e.g. the twitterfeed seems to be dominated by non-English speakers…)
iv. Planning for good is genius – and a big indicator of where we’re all going next! Speed, collaboration, new structures and (oh, yes) doing stuff that matters to our employees are all really important issues for the industry as a whole to play with. Maybe P4G is a laboratory? Or (for all its hand-made feel) something more important?

More pics here