Heinz and two men kissing

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Interesting kerfuffle over the latest Heinz Deli Mayo ad whose pay off is two men kissing (the mother-deli chef and the breadwinner)

Lots of shocked-and-disgusted (at the ad and at other folks’) responses, over there as you’d expect…but also over here

Having worked with the lovely people at Heinz in a previous life, I can’t but suspect that this is partly what was intended…remember the beans at Euro 1998

Hard to believe folk can get so worked up about an ad – it’s just an ad and it’s meant (I know, I know) to be humourous…it’s not a commitment to anything…

IMHO the fuss is really more about us – our group identities and how threatened they can seem – than about the ad or the issue or even the reality of two men kissing

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  1. John
    June 30, 2008

    If it were that calculated then with only 200 complaints it mut have been easy for them to orchestrate. But they didn’t think it though because now they’re facing international boycotts because they pulled the ad. People have more than one agenda in their worldview.