Give them something to do together

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For those of you outside the UK, I need to explain something here. None of our home country football (soccer) teams have qualified for the European Championship which starts in the next few days. 

Lots of marketing money (that was hoping for a home in a soccer-related campaign) is floating around at the moment, looking a bit lost (Update: just seen a Panasonic ad with half the England football team in it)

But the Mars promotion "Mars balls get Britain playing" looks like a good go at doing something that I find myself telling clients to do: give them something to do together…

It's part Enthusiasm marketing and 100% social object

I particularly love the grassroots feel – forget the fancy tricks, just enjoy the kickabout

There's a great tie up with the Sun newspaper which – in addition to advertising for the promotion – is encouraging us to get out and kick a (Mars) ball together (rather than wait for our teams to get knocked out by Serbia or the Dutch). 

And that's why it feels – to this football fan at least – like it's Nike and Adidas who don't understand anything about football


  1. John Dodds
    June 2, 2008

    Nice to think they would have done this anyway or does their sharing mentality emege when we were left out of the party?

  2. david cushman
    June 2, 2008

    Assume they have a karaoke machine give-away planned for the next Eurovision song contest 😉