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Hat tip to Neil

Interesting buzz-monitoring thing the BBC have launched to keep us abreast of what we (rather than the powers that be) think is interesting or valuable in music today. 

The BBC Sound Index is an aggregator of music searches, chat, downloads etc. 

However novel it is I suspect that – like the old fashioned charts it looks to replace – it will shape what we listen to, talk about or download (as Duncan would suggest). 

At least in the short-term (not sure the buzz around the Ramones would have anticipated their long term influence, though…there's a difference between short and long-term here). Also as was pointed out to me last night there may or may not be a correlation between the buzz and behaviour…

Interesting innovation though (adding depth to a tv show) but I've got to say I'm with Darren wanting to see and play with the data. Maybe that's the geek in me…

BTW Learned recently that it was Johnny R who counted every number in, not Tommy (the drummer) or Joey or Dee Dee. Another blow for musicians in the titanic struggle with drummers

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  1. The Scar
    June 5, 2008

    Real time tracking of what crap taste the global population has… great!
    Jesse McCartney? WhoDaFuckIsThat?