Stop and re-start the week

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Hat tip to Charles: on Start the Week today, the great Raymond Tallis on how we’ve misunderstood what lies between our ears. And how much of our nature lies in copying each other – the story of the 2 year laughter epidemic in a small village in Kenya in the 1960s and the social importance of tears. If you want to hear more of Raymond go here or here..

Some interesting stuff about whether each of us knows ourselves better than others do – not sure I agree with the great man, here. Think the tears thing is a big clue for me…

UPDATE yes, this is the same fella giving “neuroaesthetics” a good kicking in the Times last week. Well spotted, Carruthers

And appropriately (if you’ve been following the debate) you get a free Dan Dennett in the same broadcast also (now when can you say that) talking about what funny is “for”…and how evolutionary mechanisms might explain stuff like this. Go listena

Only on the Beeb, eh? a