Ola Ola Ola

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Great idea from my lovely chums at Albion:

A virtual Mexican wave (or “ola” as they call they call it, down Mexico way and rather more blandly, “THE Wave” in North America…;-))

The offline original thing is a great example of a number of bigger issues:

i. how much we enjoy doing stuff (like this) together
ii. how easy we find it to co-ordinate our actions are this
iii. how threatening the “grown-ups” find it when we do stuff together (stadium authorities around the world repeatedly try to ban it)

Now, as you’ve been good, dear Reader, today’s free gift is this link to Dirk Helbing’s brilliant research team who study and model Mexican Waves around the world. The maths show that it really is a case of we do what we do because of what those around us are doing…

Enjoy! And join in, why don’t you…everyone around you is!

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    April 22, 2008

    I love to see “Aolas” during world cup matches especially when Brazil plays