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When I travel it always takes a while to digest things I’ve seen or done.

So a couple of weeks on, my NYC trip’s composting nicely. What it all means is slowly becoming clear to me – more as it does, I promise.

Meanwhile, here’s me (and Scott) talking at the ARF about how stuff spreads and what to do about it from a research p.o.v. Think – despite nerves – that it worked OK in the end (NB the fella sitting behind me is Duncan Watts – top fella btw). Thanks to ARF for the invite…

Caught up with a bunch of lovely folk while I was in town – Faris, Koops, Tash, Duncan and (the Other) Anomaly folk, Noah, Paul and the guys at Naked NYC, Bob, Barbara, John and Susan and the Brainjuicer gang and of course my old chum Domenico. And London friends Nicky and Hugo and their brood out of town…

The only comrades I missed out on were Brian Collins who’s got a new funky business down in Soho and Mark Wnek who was off having an op. Next time

I know it’s silly but just walking the streets made me happy

I heart…

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