Back to NYC

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Waterfall2 pic Artist rendering: Olafur Eliasson- Courtesy Public Art Fund/Handout/Reuters

Had a really crazy time here in NYC and now – in the last few hours before I catch my plane home – am wide awake from the overstimulation.

Thanks to Gareth, Jason and Merry for this Herd piece which highlights one of the things i’ve been saying most frequently to folk here: it’s damn hard to shape mass behaviour and almost impossible to predict the effects of your attempts with any precision. Doesn’t mean that HERD is wrong or less useful than other models; quite the opposite. That said, we’d all prefer to pretend that mass behaviour is easy to shape and mould, wouldn’t we?

Thanks also to everyone here for the fun and stimulation – you know who you are.

It just seems that we’re gaining traction here. Folk are picking up the HERD thing and running with it.

But even if we’re not (and my mind is playing tricks on me to make it seem like we are), I’ve just got to be back here in the Summer to see what Eliasson makes of the Brooklyn Bridge. I adored his Tate Modern installation

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