No more image

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It still seems a fresh and shocking thing to say that image is very unimportant in shaping behaviour through e.g. marketing.

Too much marketing, communications and research is built round our obsession with image.
Tom says it nice and crunchy:

Remember, it doesn’t matter what people think about you or your brand. What matters is how you
make them feel about themselves and their decisions in your presence. And that’s what’s really important when marketing a brand today.

Regular readers will know how much I concur: that’s what the Obama phenomenon is shaped by – what he allows us to feel about ourselves and each other. Who he is, what his image is, is neither here nor there…

Here’s an entertaining post from the Washington Post you might not have seen which deals with (hurrah!) candidates copying and here’s why that’s more important than influence (actually got a big post brewing on this subject so standby…)


  1. Tom Asacker
    March 17, 2008

    Many thanks for the link Mark. I’m looking forward to the big post!

  2. John Dodds
    March 19, 2008

    That quote worries me because I see an implied disconnect between how you make them feel and how they feel about the brand. I know you don’t think that way, do you? The two have to go hand in hand or we go back down the branding route all over again.