Goodbye to two men I never met

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I’ve got to confess that I’ve never really got in to gaming – neither the off- or online version. I know, I know…still sad to read this week then that Gary Gygax, computer gaming pioneer and co-creater of D&D has died. Nice obit here and here. Gaming has already shaped a lot of the technology platform which will dominate our futures and few have done more to engage folk with it…or give those thus recruited to Orc armies various so much fun.

To be honest I was more touched by the death of the great carver Ralph Beyer – a one time student of Eric Gill. Not that I know much about type; it’s just while other boys were off playing the early fantasy games I was singing in cathedrals various as a peripatetic choirboy.

I was particularly affected by the interior of the modernist Coventry cathedral which bears a huge volume of religious texts carved by Beyer. It now seems mighty ironic that this jewish refugee should be decorating one of the great Christian buildings of the postwar period, specifically one built to replace the damage done in the Baedeker raids.

Looking now again at his stylings, I now realise quite how formative of my tastes those singing trips and the long hours sitting gazing at the walls amid hallowed silences really were.

I like letters. I like sans fonts. I like writing on walls*. And on stones.

And I still like sitting and thinking.

*just realised that this maybe where my habit of wanting to have work on walls arises from…I can’t think quite so well unless I can read it on a wall….

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  1. JW
    March 13, 2008

    Someone else to add to this list. Myron Cope, who started a rabid movement amongst Steelers fans (American football) to bring a yellow towel to wave at home games, died this past month. For over 30 years, thousands bought his Terrible Towel which also raised money for Autism (and has been copied by several other sports franchises around the US). A true legend who harnessed the herd.