A thought on what happens after…

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Obama has undoubtedly built a social movement – a coalition for change – a community of support around something like a purpose idea (yes, I know I owe Hugh a definitive explanation post of this idea, but most readers will know what I mean by this term, I think).

Let’s imagine that Obama wins the Democratic nomination and then goes on to the White House (of course, I could be wrong about either of these but WTF…).

What then?

What happens next? What happens when the keys to the Oval office are on Mr Obama’s own keychain?

The trouble is that any community built around purpose will soon unravel unless you’re able to create feedback to show how the purpose is being achieved.

Here’s one man’s thoughts. Not far off, I reckon.


  1. Julie, writer Surefirewealth.com
    March 5, 2008

    His thoughts are pretty interesting. Maybe people who run Obama’s campaign and maybe even Obama himself should take a minute to read the article. Personally, I am one of those swayed by Obama’s brilliance and inspiring self. But that alone cannot predict who will sit on the White House.

  2. Marty
    March 5, 2008

    I think there’s also an interesting backlash Herd working here. I’m a member of the Democratic party who doesn’t support Obama and keeps wondering what all the fuss is about. My friends feel like he’s got no substance. I thought the article was quite good at some critical analysis by the media. Oh, how I miss that in the States!