Good things come in 3s

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…like buses.

1. Great post from Adriana laying out how the VRM concept she and others have been slaving away on is taking shape. Maybe soon the idea of “brand relationships” will start to be a bit more equal. Even if you – like me – are a civilian rather than someone working in this area, it’s well worth getting your head around this concept (and being grateful for the collective collaborative effort that has got it this far) because if it (or something adjacent) works out like we hope, it’s going to change how we use the web (as individuals and corporations) because of how it makes our data our own (and not the corporation’s)

2. Russell’s brilliant piece on the two ways to start a creative business. Like him, my money’s on the Double Decker solution (the Expert tag always scares me). And I think there’s something important about our desire to hang out with folk we like in workland: at once a fundamental need to shelter together and at the same time the basis of guilds and other means to share and transfer knowledge and skills. Seem to spend a lot of my time at the moment drinking tea or eating noodles withlikeminded folk, as we rethink the silly, enfuriating and downright brilliant business we’re all in. God bless, you all…

God, I used to love those kids and really wanted to be one(the hand through the door sequence is here)

3. And last but not least, might be doing a project with my old chum Jay. One of the many things we share is a love of old Jamaican music. This week on the playlist is a re-release of the classic early Lee Scratch Perry collection, Chicken Scratch. Get your dancing shoes on, my son…


  1. Valeria Maltoni
    February 16, 2008

    Thank you for pointing to Adriana’s blog, Mark. There’s a lot to think about there.
    I am thinking more and more about creating the “ad hoc” virtual agency around what we need vs. what the agency has got… I’m on the client side. Soon, customers will do more of that, too. It will be more important to see where you fit and how you play together, than what you have to offer.

  2. Mark Earls
    February 16, 2008

    That’s a great way to put it, Valeria.
    “…more important to see where you fit and how you play together, than what you have to offer”