Visual languages can be more relational

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5107cr3b Pic c/o The Economist Magazine

Stop me if you’ve seen these before but….

Please click on the first visual to enlarge.

It’s William Farr‘s famous representation of the relative importance of causes of death in the Crimean War and tells of some really interesting relationships of time, mortality, cause etc


Now the second visual (again click on to enlarge) is Minard’s graph of the the Napoleonic Russian Campaign (3 dimensions of time, place and mortality handled beautifully.

It takes some effort to do relational visuals but it is possible and totally clear to the reader. Maybe visual languages might help talk about some of the stuff we’re working on now?

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  1. Valeria Maltoni
    January 13, 2008

    Maybe you are familiar with the work of Edward Tufte
    The team of experience designers in a company with me a few years back loved his materials. Your posts make me want to go back into my linguistics courses.