On the Tenth Day of Christmas

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Resolutions, resolutions.

New Year tends to be a good time to create a(n entirely fictional) fresh start to our lives and our business. But most of them fail, either because they are too complex, imprecise or unrealistic.

365 days ago I had my last cigarette. Didn’t actually enjoy them much towards the end and was frustrated by my dependency so I stopped and the pressure on me from other folk. Not easy, by any means (and the first month was truly disruptive to my emotional well-being) but that was the last one…

What’s the secret?

Doing itstopping smoking.

Not smoking again. Not giving in. Not finding an excuse to do so. Changing my behaviour to replace the smoking with other things. Being compassionate to myself about my addiction to smoking and so on.

Doing it is the message of today’s festive season posting.

This year, let’s do stuff rather than talk about it. Let’s actually lay ourselves open to criticisms of not thinking things through (or at all?)…

Finewords are what hold individuals and corporations alike in thrall to the past. Doing things changes the world. Or at least gives us the chance to.

Let’s make things happen rather more powerpoint charts.

I remember a story about Tony from W&K who refused to write a script for VW but went and made his own films over the weekend.

Let’s make prototypes or rough versions and get feedback and response. With this we can make something that exists better later; without it we still have to make it.

Follow David Sifry’s example. One of the smartest folk I met last year, he’s not pontificating, he’s just spent the weekend prototyping a top new social web thingy hoosgot(tool is a bit geeky for this helpful er…app?) and just released it today

So this year – for godsakes – do something (lots of things?). And enjoy…


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  1. David Sifry
    January 4, 2008

    Very kind of you to say, Mark. Was great hanging out with you as well in London, we should totally do it again. Finally got my backordered copy of Herd, btw, and totally enjoying it. Was great to see the reference to Desmond Morris’ “The Naked Ape” in there, made me laugh thinking about our chat.