On the Fourth day of Christmas

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Christmasgames pic c/o picturebook.com

Today might feel a bit more like a day for games rather than deep thinking.

There comes a time – after all the pre-Christmas peer-to-peer encitement to overstimulation, the change in diet and drinking patterns and just the fact of spending protracted periods in a confined space with folk you wouldn’t normally choose to do so grappling together over how things ought to be done – when you need to lighten things up a bit.

If only to make it possible to continue the festivities…

So today’s post is a little game to play to make light of the frayed tempers and strained humour that are also part of the Christmas period. When Aunty X or Cousin Y is really getting your goat, ask yourself this:

What music is playing in their heads? Is it thrash metal? Is it just a wierd sound effect? What’s it like living with that noise all the time?

btw this game’s not just for Christmas