On the Eighth Day

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…the panic phonecalls about who’s doing what on New Year’s Eve started early this morning. Me, I’m leaving town to share in one of Mikey’s fabled roast dinners and partygame sessions and can’t wait to get in the car adn down the M3 but the rest of London seems to have worked itself into a bit of a frenzy.

No matter how sanguine folks appear to be in the run-up to the Christmas Season, it’s just like we are all 17 again on NYE (family responsibilities aside)

1. Got to be with other (cool) people
2. Got to be somewhere really cool (a party or event or location that others you relate the story to will appreciate and acknowledge)
3. And got to be really excited…

It really matters that for half an hour either side of a set of chimes you can tick all these boxes. As if without this collective incantation, the magical promise of a fresh-start in the New Year will not be available to us…

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think this is bad or unnecessary or silly or whatever; it’s just how folk are. It’s just what we do to each other.

Which is how most human behaviour works, the good and the bad (for me, you and the Queen).

Whatever you’re doing tonight, please enjoy (the company of others) and my best wishes for whatever new start you want for yourself.

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    On the Eighth Day

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