Monkey see, monkey do

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Won’t dwell on this subject for longReuters suggest that the latest high school massacre in Finland is prompting copycat incidents elsewhere.

Other papers and newsources were quick to note that this was in itself an homage to a previous incident:

“Hours earlier the killer, apparently in a copycat version of the Virginia Tech killings in the US in April this year, had posted a video entitled Jokela High School Massacre 11/7/2007, on YouTube in the name of Sturmgeist89 (Stormspirit89)

The video depicted a building resembling the school bursting apart to reveal the killer pointing his gun at the camera. Other material posted on the internet, and removed yesterday following the murders, showed a gunman shooting at an apple in a forest and a 1,000-word “manifesto of a natural selector” outlining the scenario for yesterday’s killings and last edited late on Tuesday” (the Guardian)

And copying is a weak force in shaping human behaviour? Just for low involvedment stuff like fashions and popular music? Wish it was so but it ain’t