Saying goodbye (together)

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Been to too many social gatherings in recent years to say goodbye to folk who should still be around. But we all know it’s the best way to do so – together. Some cultures are more effusive than others – I’ve heard the suggestion (from uptight Anglo-Saxons, mostly) that “they” (African or Arab) drive each other on to “hysterical” heights but the truth is we all need each other for the proper effect of such rituals performed together.

Today’s funeral for 35 year old Gerry Tobin who was shot (on Aug 15th as he rode near M40 j 12) had 3000+ bikers from all over Europe. There’s a community with incredible mutuality…Hell’s Angel or not, bikers look out for each other and the internet has helped reinforce this tendency.

Great send off but – as always with someone who dies young – you really wish it wasn’t necessary.