Rugby and singing

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Watched the French team freeze and go down to the Pumas tonight in the opening match of the Rugby World Cup 07. Very poor, like a Spurs team on a bad day at Highbury..

Made me think about how participative being a rugby fan is: from the conviviality of the bars and the car parks to the joshing and singing – above all, the singing – in the stand (think we’ll do well at the singing at this world cup again…if nothing else). And the delicious feeling of doing it with other folk.

Reminded me of the Polyphonic Spree* and (more recently) the Arcade Fire – their mad army of a band and the singalong “let’s do the whole show right here” thing and not to forget that ol’ ol’ enthusiasmos schtick either.

Why can’t we see this truth about ourselves as human beings?

Why can’t we embrace how good this feels – for all the dangers?

Why do we insist on prioritising the other side of ourselves….?

It really is much less fun

*I’ll tell you about those nice boys from Elbow and the PS impersonations another time, I think