Planning for Good

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Ok, finally got the first week’s work out of the way and time to get back to the blog again.

The first and most important thing I want to write about is this fantastic initiative: Planning for Good.

Too much of my working life has been spent on less than rewarding stuff – as my old boss, Les “madam” Stern used to call it, variants of “resegmenting the pickle market”.

Even in my current incarnation, if find myself trying to keep in mind the fact that “it’s only brand stuff” and that what really matters is the real life of real people “out there” (apologies if you’ve heard me rant about this on a conference stage near you).

So PfG is an inspired initiative.

The idea is this: a community of planning volunteers give their time for free to answer a pro-bono brief in a mass collaboration. Ed says,

“The basic idea is to use social networks to reach out to planners. Every month a new brief would be sent out to solve a specific communication problem for a non-profit. Planners could then work individually or in teams to attack the problem. A collection of this thinking would then be presented back to the non-profit and planners who want to get more involved in helping implement the ideas would be given the opportunity to do so.”

The first brief is for the Idea Village – an engine for the cultural and economic regeneration of New Orleans.


Go join the Facebook group, read it and get working (on something useful)….

God bless you, Ed for having the idea and to Piers, Jason, Aki and Gareth for making it happen. It’s great to be involved.