It’s the Other People, Homer…Doh!

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Finally caught the Simpsons movie last night.

Top work – as ever.

Two thoughts struck me quite forcibly:

1. how much it enhances your experience of the movies if it’s a shared experience (not that I mind going on my own, it’s just your experience is broader and deeper if you are experiencing the thing in the company of others. Just like a rollercoaster or other fun-fair ride might be great on your own, it’s miles better always with other folk)

2. How strong the tension between individualism and social identities are in US culture (the plot turns on an epiphany for Homer that it’s the “Other People” that makes life worth living…and its the absence of these that drive Homer to the heroics that resolve the storylines neatly).

Depending on your taste, you can look back to Capra and Wonderful Life and so on with glee or disdain. Whatever, my point is this: for the great Land of Individualism (twas written into the original documentation by the founding fathers…)and it’s 250pound yellow skinned balding Everyman, the call of the collective and social is still mighty strong…

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  1. Anne
    September 8, 2007

    I haven’t seen the movie because my husband says he’s not paying theatre prices for a cartoon…. But you’ve made a great case for enjoying it as part of the herd. Thanks! And glad you got to go blackberry picking. You don’t have chiggers (red bugs) in England, do you?