It’s been a great week so far

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Really enjoyed my two little speechifying things this week, not the speaking so much as the conversations and the things other folk had to say…

Tuesday at NESTA I got to meet Howard Rheingold (as well as hear him talk). His project to develop the Cooperation Commons is the most gob-smacking research and KM resource I’ve yet come across. Go check it out here and re-read the man’s books, please…

And to make things even better (not sure that’s possible) I finally got to meet Doc Searls and JP as well as seeing a host of old faces – Roland, Johnnie and John who blogged the event (and Lloyd who twittd)

Some other folk had a blog of it, too so go here, and here if you want to get other povs…

Btw couldn’t resist putting this pic in. Me and the great man…(c/o Jess)


And last night did a gig for the lovely folk at IDEO around Perception. Bronwyn Cosgravedid an intriguing speech about the historical relationship between Hollywood, celebrity and fashion based on research for her latest book. Want to know more about the early studio bosses and the rag trade. Here’s a sample.

Tom Troscianko did a brilliant thing on how vision works by debunking our “whole picture” assumptions (that we see everything in the world around us). He talked a lot about “getting the gist” as opposed to the detail (and the errors that can lead to) which struck me very much like Daniel Kahnemann‘s 2-speed model of mind (the most efficient approach is not to think about much but to use shorthands, rules-of-thumb and heuristics…), which then led me onto ponder how it’s a shame that more managers/marketers don’t recognise that a. the gist is all they get b. the data can never you the “full picture” so why bother…Tom brought the house down with this Gorilla experiment from Dan Simons and Chabris. Go here for the video

And finally, Richard Wentworth the great sculptor and creative stimulant pulled the themes together in an amazing improvised talk around some found images of his of urban Italy (and Folkestone). His energy and authenticity (rather than the decoration on his specs) just stole our hearts. A great reminder that creativity is a life-time project and not just a tool.

If I’d have just heard one of these folk talk, I’m sure my week would have seemed one to note in the calendar, but as it is…I’ve had to go and throw my little hat in the air a number of times.