Even more fun with neuroscience

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Following the hoo-hah around Mya‘s piece in AdAge, suggest you might want to go here to have your say.

Before the loonies pop round to see you with their electrodes…and their Jetson science fiction

BACKGROUND: Amid the many vagaries of marketing research, one thing is clear: Consumers lie. About what they want. About what they need. Sometimes they do it purposely. Most often they simply don’t seem to realize what they’re doing at all. But a number of consultants are claiming science can solve this problem. With options ranging from EEGs to MRI brain scans, some marketers are paying to see what happens in a consumer’s body and brain while viewing ads. Detractors, however, claim that this is little more than junk science.

THIS WEEK’S POLL QUESTION: Do you think neuromarketing will be a standard practice for advertisers in the future?

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