Another hero

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Very excited about meeting Howard Rheingold – thinker, journo and all-round guide to the future of connected humanity. His book Smart Mobs changed the way that a lot of folk (me included) see the changes that the new technologies were to bring.

We’re sharing a platform at NESTA tonight. He’s on first and am ever so slightly nervous about this, which is unusual…but I guess I can fix my gaze on his famous painted shoes

But will try to do a good job and ensure that John Dodds gets his money’s worth…a different show from tomorrow night, well, mostly different


  1. Sam Carrington
    September 11, 2007

    Great to meet you again tonight Mark, and hear more about the ideas around ‘Herd’. Just to let you know, both speeches are available on NESTA’s audio feed, and full presentations with video will be available asap on the media player.

  2. Roland Harwood
    September 12, 2007

    Hey Mark,
    Thanks again for speaking last night. It was great – my favorite Nesta event so far. I blogged about it here:
    Webcasts will be online imminently I’m assured.