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Here in San Diego for the start of the AAAA Planning conference and a tangible sense of change is in the air.
While the format of the next 2 1/2 days follows the same, successful format of previous years (mainstage for key presentations from industry outsiders and early afternoon breakouts from industry insiders) what strikes me is how strongly aligned much of the insider thinking is likely to be. Chatting to some of the other presenters last night a new-ish agenda emerged, which makes a sharp

– behaviour not attitudes
– participation not transmission/persuasion
– enthusiasms, passions and beliefs vs. analytics and “needs”
– marketing as a service vs. marketing as an add-on

And thus a very different requirement from planners and planning. I wonder what those left in London might think? Probably poo-pooing it – nothing good ever came out of the US did it? Oh, apart from advertising and marketing and most of the ideas held dear by UK planners and researchers…

I’ll be checking to see what the breakouts actually say but this little fella’s quite excited by what seems to be happening here. Think the game might be about to move….

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  1. John Dodds
    August 6, 2007

    Marketing as a service sounds too much like an add-on to me.