Parallel Lines

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Some more stuff from San Diego.

Great – impassioned – breakout from Domenico Vitale of Lowe built around the idea of belief. As a good catholic boy, he pointed out how the Roman church has again and again framed itself around a purpose (although he didn’t go into the theological arguments around papal infallibility…). Also, a plea to planners to find the purpose behind products, brands and companies:

“I don’t believe there is a category that can’t be made interesting”

Suspect that Lowe NY might turn out to be rather more interesting than it has been for a long-time if Domenico and Mr Wnek get their way…

Equally cool stuff from Robert and Adrian (next door to Domenico) with lessons from their fascinating start-up, Zeus Jones. I really like their idea that marketing shouldn’t be a bolt on but rather a service (something useful and valuable in its own right). Again more thoughts around the limits of the old model…and the importance of collaboration.

Lots of interesting and fresh thoughts but thoughts pointing in the same direction. Can’t wait to hear what Adam and Mark of Eatbigfish had to say (was in parallel today with them). Or Ed Cotton or Mark/Gareth but think this conference is pointing out the way forward.

MEanwhile I was talking about being stupid (as opposed to clever) and how planners could be as much part of the problem as part of the solution.

We’ll save that for tomorrow…

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  1. ross
    August 7, 2007

    I was unfortunately not able to make the conference this year. Thank you so much for blogging the inner-workings this year. I know you are distilling everything in a very digestible way, but would you say this lineup is better than years past? It seems to really have some top-notch talent, and i felt the past few years were lacking…