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Great piece by Piers on how the US and many other parts of the world differ on how they see the natural device for mobile computing. Over here (the USA) it tends to be a mobile/laptop computer; many other places, it turns out to be cell/mobile phones (I remember doing a project with one of the big search companies in Europe a few years ago which stumbled over this issue: unless the apps are going to be brilliant on Nokia/Sony Ericsson’s finest, just don’t bother launching in Italy, Spain etc…)

Funny how – as Sir Ken reminded all the US planners thismorning – easily we skip past the stuff that’s too obvious to comment on or think about…

Mobile computing clearly needs to involve a computer of sorts, doesn’t it? (So what is an iPod then, you might ask if you wanted to be tricksy)

PS have seen Piers 4 times this evening with a beer glass exactly 3/5ths full – no more, no less. Does he know something the rest of us here visiting SD don’t? Or is this what we’ll all be doing next year? 8159a