You can’t be social by yourself

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Josh is on the money again (quoting the Motorola blog):

“When we talk about the “user experience” the main emphasis is often on an individual’s experience with a particular technology. Even with a purported social technology, for example a social networking site, we still tend to create for the individual’s interaction with the site (how does someone find their friend, how do they access this site easily from a mobile device).

However, designing for sociability means thinking about how people experience each other through the technological medium, not just thinking about how they experience the technology. The emphasis is on the human-to-human relationship, not the human-to-technology relationship. This is a crucial difference in design focus. It means designing for an experience between people.”

Now for all you advertising and communication Johnnies and Brand Bunnies out there, write this down: It means designing for an experience between people
because that’s what real life is about – other people.

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