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Here’s an innovation that my publishers have suggested: videos of authors talking about the ideas behind their books.

At the moment it’s only here but in a short while it’ll be on Amazon, too

All very Harry Potter-ish, doncha think? Instead of just look inside, you’ll have a short pitch from authors. Like paintings that talk…


  1. Robert
    July 23, 2007

    it is when your paintings talk back that you need to be worried!
    nice idea though
    it makes me wonder about an observation I made when I bought my first piece of ‘real’ art (i.e. expensive).
    ‘Art’ is just a pretty picture or skilful physical production UNTIL you are emotionally involved with it.
    The only way to start, or break, a trend in art is for the buyer and the artist to connect. In my case it was face to face, so understanding his choice of medium as well as subject made me ‘love’ the painting (that I would otherwise have simply glanced at, I’m sure).
    The same applies to books, or in my case, wine.
    So if video helps you connect emotionally (not just factually) with your target audience, great!

  2. Will
    July 23, 2007

    It is a very nice idea.
    Quite how many authors will want to do it, I don’t know – but I liked how, feasibly, it’ll affect purchasing decisions – I always read liner notes to find out about the author, and turn to the central pages to read an excerpt. This does both.
    I’d be interested to see any stats about how it brings about sales.

  3. Justin Lewis
    July 23, 2007

    I really like this in a “What, everyone’s not already doing it” kind of way. It’s a spark, a germ, a seed planted in the mind, it’s a brief communication of an idea. For me at least, it gives me that little bit of knowledge grit, that like the oyster my mind has to surround it’s jagged intrusiveness with rounded, smooth, pearl like hard fact.. The video plants that grit, I can either spit it out or, as is more likely I have to feed on the book to understand and round off that idea.
    But please, dear god… I hope they dump Real Media as their platform of choice. Flash is the path of the righteous, Flash is the light that ye shall go to. Seriously though, Flash Video + Embedded Cue Points + Amazon’s API (‘Search Inside’) + Flash Trickery = coherent rich experience that reinforces the intangible disposable digital experience with the very tangible tactile experience of the book.

  4. John Dodds
    July 23, 2007

    Interesting idea but I have to say I preferred the monkey man video.