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Hosted this podcast for Esomar recently with 4 other speakers at the Berlin shindig. Think it ended up being a great little conversation and gives some sense of just how innovative researchers are being nowadays (and how exciting that is, certainly compared to the rather lumpen innovation lite that is creative agency or media agency land – honorable exceptions of course).

Thanks as ever to Surinder for a top production job.

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  1. Holycow
    July 22, 2007

    Mark – excellent debate – 2 questions though: was the panel saying that digital technology enables a greater level of understanding of human behaviour than we have ever had previously because it is self editing and based on emotions? If this is so – what is the likely implication for advertising in future? I would argue we have known this for many years and ethno-methodology has always been the more reliable way of uncovering insights. So what’s new?
    Secondly – were they saying that advances in neuroscience and neuro-marketing is actually useful for creating communications? If so – in what specific way? I see no tangible evidence that it has been used recently where it has created more powerful communications. Pity there were no examples.
    I think you are right that there are advances in research – but it is very little really – and at MRS 50th for example there were hardly any references to advertising – so where’s all this great new stuff being used exactly?
    Keep up the good work,