Revolt into style

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Been pondering a great post Josh did a few weeks ago about the Digg User revolt.

In case you’ve had you’re memory wiped or you just don’t do this online thing much, there was a revolt by users of a particular online tagging service (Digg) against a decision by the service providers (you can forget the details). The important thing is that this ‘revolt’ took the form of “digging” the reports of the revolt which very quickly overwhelmed the service. Result: company agres to revoke its decision.

Ok, that’s the bare bones of it. The interesting thing for me is (as Josh and Johnnie point out) how easy it is to rush to condemn the behaviour as “mob”-like or “chaotic” and – perhaps more importantly – how negative these terms are and how much they speak of fear of the crowd.

Think this tells us something really important about what’s happening at the coal face of the social changes that we’re living through.

Listen to the language: my freedom fighter is your guerilla; my co-creative community is your brutal mob.

Interesting how one side is perhaps a bit too positive while the other is overly negative and what this tells us about the feelings inside and how folk are experiencing things.

Hope and fear travelling side by side? Or on opposite sides?